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Blog posts about my life, partially inspired by John Watson's blog from the Sherlock Holmes stories.


Summer in SF

12 minute read


I spent the summer in San Francisco working as a software engineering intern at Blend. Like some other terms, I grew tremendously, both personally and professionally.

Spring 2019: The Grind Returns

8 minute read


I had a good time this spring, although I didn’t achieve many of the goals that I had set for myself.

Winter 2019: Solace

23 minute read


This winter, I split my time between Hassanpour Lab and AI research at Protago Labs. Living at home and being with family was a big source of joy.


My Term in the Land of Tall Blonde People

25 minute read


This fall, I did an exchange term at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, Denmark, just outside of Copenhagen. I lived outside the US for the first time in my life and visited cities in Europe that I had before only dreamed of seeing. It was the most incredible term I’ve had in college so far.

The Glorious Sophomore Summer

5 minute read


According to legend, the Sophomore Summer at Dartmouth is a glorious term of warm weather, class bonding, and free time.

Gidday Mate

7 minute read


For the spring-summer interim break, my friend June and I went on vacation in Australia and New Zealand. It was the first time I had planned a trip on my own, and it was a great experience.

Hello Hanover Spring (2018)

10 minute read


This spring quarter, I interned at Oracle (previously Dyn) in Hanover. I had ample time to work on machine learning projects both at Oracle and for my research since I was not enrolled in classes, and I’m grateful to have been close enough to campus that I could spend time with friends and work as a teaching assistant for a machine learning class.

Surviving Winter 2018

9 minute read


A lot of students find winter term challenging because of the cold weather. At times, I definitely felt like ignoring all my work and just watching youtube videos in bed. But overall, it was a good term filled with personal and intellectual growth.

Fall 2017: A Review

6 minute read


This post will be the first of a series of blog posts documenting my time in college by term, starting from sophomore fall. It’s basically a compilation of my experiences, observations, and random thoughts.


Travels in Iceland

4 minute read


I went to Iceland with some Dartmouth friends from December 1 - December 9, 2017. We started at Reykjavik, drove down through the South to Vik then East to Hofn, and back to Reykjavik.

Places I've Been

A list of my most transformative, memorable, or fun experiences.