Stuff that I like

Who you are at a given moment is a function of all your prior moments. Choose what you spend your time on carefully :)

PeopleSam Harris: consciousness, death, honesty
Elon Musk: first-principles thinking, long-term thinking, dreaming big
Conan: humor, high-energy, wit, intelligence, sociability, quick-thinking
David Goggins: motivation, hard work, taking things to the extreme
TV/FilmSherlock/The Imitation Game: logic, critical thinking, intelligence, nuance
Killing Eve: humor, smoothness, European culture
The Great Gatsby Movies: live an exciting life, old school America
Counterpart: thinking big, being on the world stage
YoutubeBald and Bankrupt: open-mindedness, worldliness
Andrew Kirby: productivity, thinking in terms of time
BooksSteven King: beautiful writing, high standard of prose, dedication to one's craft
Cal Newport: productivity, meta-career skills
Mark Manson: being a desirable person
Anchee Min: vulnerability, honesty
Brendan Burchard: the lifestyle described in High Performance Habits
AcademiaRandy Pausch: time, meta-habits
Henry Lee Smith: old-school thinking, genuine passion for linguistics
Ryan Cotterell: linguistics, creativity, "thinking like a scientist", love of learning
TennisNovak Djokovic: hard work, mastery of craft
Dominic Thiem: courage
Nick Kyrgios: creativity
MusicLady Gaga: love, creativity
The Killers
Vampire Weekend