Experiences that were transformative, memorable, or just really, really fun

2022May 13: Sundar presented chain-of-thought prompting at Google I/O
Jan 8: Hiking Kohala Mountain Road at sunset
2021Dec 6: Converting from AI resident to full role at Google
Aug 30/Sep 4: Watching Djokovic and Kyrgios at the US Open
Jan 29: Watching James Cameron's "Avatar" in the bathtub
2020Feb/Mar: Dartmouth winter carnival and various events at Tri-Kap
2019Dec 13: Seeing my brother give a talk at a NeurIPS workshop
Nov 4: Exploring Hong Kong
Aug 17: Tubing at Lake Tahoe
Jul 20: Hitch-hiking at Yosemite
May 5-9: Attending my first machine learning conference (ICLR)
Mar 4: Publishing my first research paper
2018Dec 21: Feeling insignificant at the Grand Canyon
Dec 14: Strolling through Christmas Markets in Copenhagen
Nov 11: Playing poker with old Frenchmen in Nice
Oct 6: Getting drunk at Oktoberfest
Aug-Dec: Studying abroad in Denmark
Jun-Aug: Learning to sail
Jul: Joining a fraternity
Jun 15-16: Jumping from the Sky Tower in Auckland, watching the sunset from Mount Victoria, bathing in the Polynesian Spa
Jun 11-14: Visiting the Sydney Opera House, having a drink at Baxter's Inn, seeing the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles
Feb 2-4: Dogsledding in Maine
2017Dec 5: Being in a car accident in Iceland
Dec 4: Seeing the Northern Lights while bathing in the Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths, Iceland
Nov 2: Driving a formula racing car
Aug: Getting into machine learning
2016Jun 26: Watching an outdoor movie in Bryant Park, NYC
Jun 15: Auditioning for Shark Tank then going to Prom on a boat
May: Winning $1500 at the Virginia Science Fair
Feb-Aug: Playing a lot of tennis
2015Dec: Cruising on the Oasis of the Seas
Sep-Dec: Working as a grocery store cashier
Oct 25: Fancy Homecoming at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens and a French restaurant in Georgetown
Jun-Dec: Working in a Chemistry Lab at the Naval Research Laboratory
Jun: Spending 4 days at the US Naval Academy summer seminar
2014Sep-Dec: Studying really hard
May: Having my first kiss
2013May 17: Rowing in the Stotesbury Cup Regatta
Jan-Feb: Crew conditioning
2012Jun: Touring China with a tour group