Blog Post 20

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From January 3-9, I traveled to Hawaii for WACV. I wanted to get a sense of what was exciting in computer vision. Most of the papers in the conference focused on specific applications of computer vision (which tend to be in the physical world). I got the sense that most people in CV did not think about language or AGI, which felt a bit like a failure to think long-term. I also got the feeling that the CV field is not as motivated by human perception as it should be, as I was not aware of any work that uses human perception as a motivation for a new CV models. I enjoyed Kristen Grauman’s Keynote talk on how CV techniques can be used to analyze fashion trends (kinda like social science).

At the conference I met another Googler Maryam and a Microsoft researcher Muhamed, and we and some Boston University and UC Berkeley students together went to visit some tourist attractions. We went to Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and downtown Kona. The unforgettable moment, however, was a challenging hike up a scenic cliff near Kohala Mountain Road at sunset. The view was as sublime as any landscape that I had seen in Iceland. Muhamed was also a fascinating being to meet, and it was eye-opening to hear about his experiences.