Hi. My name is Jason. I’m a fourth-year computer science major at Dartmouth College. I am currently doing a senior thesis with Lorenzo Torresani.

I previously interned at DoorDash and Blend.

Selected Papers

EDA: Easy Data Augmentation Techniques for Boosting Performance on Text Classification Tasks
Jason Wei, Kai Zou
Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-IJCNLP) 2019

Pathologist-Level Classification of Histologic Patterns on Resected Lung Adenocarcinoma Slides with Deep Neural Networks
Jason Wei, Laura Tafe, Yevgeniy Linnik, Louis Vaickus, Naofumi Tomita, Saeed Hassanpour
Scientific Reports 2019
#3 most downloaded of 1024 cancer papers in Scientific Reports in 2019


Evaluation of a Deep Neural Network for Automated Classification of Colorectal Polyps on Histopathologic Slides
Jason Wei, Arief Suriawinata, Louis Vaickus, Bing Ren, Xiaoying Liu, Mikhail Lisovsky, Naofumi Tomita, Behnaz Abdollahi, Adam Kim, Dale Snover, John Baron, Elizabeth Barry, Saeed Hassanpour
JAMA Network Open 2020

Narrative Origin Classification of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Texts
Jason Wei, Eugene Santos Jr.
Florida Artifical Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS) 2020


Generative Image Translation for Data Augmentation in Colorectal Histopathology Images
Jerry Wei, Arief Suriawinata, Louis Vaickus, Bing Ren, Xiaoying Liu, Jason Wei, Saeed Hassanpour
Machine Learning for Health Workshop at NeurIPS (ML4H) 2019 [Spotlight]

Attention-Based Deep Neural Networks for Detection of Cancerous and Precancerous Esophagus Tissue on Histopathological Slides
Naofumi Tomita, Behnaz Abdollahi, Jason Wei, Bing Ren, Arief Suriawinata, Saeed Hassanpour
JAMA Network Open 2019

Automated Detection of Celiac Disease on Duodenal Biopsy Slides: A Deep Learning Approach
Jason Wei, Jerry Wei, Christopher Jackson, Bing Ren, Arief Suriawinata, Saeed Hassanpour
Journal of Pathology Informatics 2019

Automating the Paris System for Urine Cytopathology: A Hybrid Deep Learning and Morphometric Approach
Louis Vaickus, Arief Suriawinata, Jason Wei, Xiaoying Liu
Cancer Cytopathology 2019

Some tips for writing papers that I compiled.
My notes on papers I’ve read.