Jason Wei

I am a research scientist at Google Brain in Mountain View, California. I work on language.
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Publications (see all)
Emergent abilities of large language models.
Jason Wei, Yi Tay, Rishi Bommasani, Colin Raffel, Barret Zoph, Sebastian Borgeaud, Dani Yogatama, Maarten Bosma, Denny Zhou, Donald Metzler, Ed H. Chi, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Oriol Vinyals, Percy Liang, Jeff Dean, and William Fedus.
Chain of thought prompting elicits reasoning in large language models.
Jason Wei, Xuezhi Wang, Dale Schuurmans, Maarten Bosma, Ed Chi, Quoc Le, and Denny Zhou.
Sundar explains chain of thought prompting at Google I/O 2022 / Google AI blog
ICLR '22Finetuned language models are zero-shot learners.
{Jason Wei, Maarten Bosma, Vincent Zhao, Kelvin Guu}, Adams Yu, Brain Lester, Nan Du, Andrew Dai, and Quoc Le. Google AI blog / oral
EMNLP '21Frequency effects on syntactic rule learning in transformers.
Jason Wei, Dan Garrette, Tal Linzen, and Ellie Pavlick. Google AI blog / oral
ACL '21A cognitive regularizer for language modeling.
Jason Wei, Clara Meister, and Ryan Cotterell.
EMNLP '19Easy data augmentation techniques for boosting performance on text classification tasks.
Jason Wei and Kai Zou.