About Me

Hi. My name is Jason. I’m a fourth-year computer science major at Dartmouth College, interested in deep learning.

I’m currently a software engineering intern at blend.


EDA: Easy Data Augmentation Techniques for Boosting Performance on Text Classification Tasks
Jason Wei, Kai Zou
[paper] [blog post] [Github]

Pathologist-level Classification of Histologic Patterns on Resected Lung Cancer Slides with Deep Neural Networks
Jason Wei, Laura Tafe, Yevgeniy Linnik, Louis Vaickus, Naofumi Tomita, Saeed Hassanpour
Scientific Reports (Nature) 2019
[paper] [blog post] [Github]

Automating the Paris System for Urine Cytopathology: A Hybrid Deep Learning and Morphometric Approach
Louis Vaickus, Arief Suriawinata, Jason Wei, Xiaoying Liu
Cancer Cytopathology 2019

Some [tips] for writing papers that I compiled.